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Hi! I'm Ananda Leigh

Multidimensional Healing Facilitator & Artist


Working from her heart center as a being of service to all earthlings, Ananda connects with Divine Source Energy and taps into universal consciousness, holding space and allowing for the clients needs to be met for their highest good. 


Ananda does not limit healing sessions to one modality or practice. She sets the intention of the session to be for the needs of the client at that particular moment and for their best and highest good. 


The healing sessions that Ananda provides has evolved beyond the original formats that she learned and has become a unique Channeled Multidimensional Healing as her own evolution continues. 


This unique method came to Ananda in meditation and she was drawn to call the name of her work “Multidimensional Healing”. When contemplating acting on the call, she realized that is exactly the work she does. Receiving feedback from her clients as confirmations for her power of multidimensional healing through unconditional love and intention. 

Modalities Completed

Usui Reiki I

Usui Reiki II

Usui Reiki III Master

Eden Energy Method Foundations

Hands of Light Healing

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