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“Hello, my name is Jessica. I am a yoga instructor and I love working with the field of plant medicine and different cultures and how we can raise consciousness in this earth. I met Ananda a couple years ago, and we've started becoming very good friends, and I noticed that her energy was very pure and genuine. And I started doing treatments with her and observed that my vital field, my energy field, my vibrational field always feel so amazing. Like I'm filled with energy after I see her. And I highly need this type of treatments in which I'm able to fully received from a vessel that is just opens to source. So it's been a wonderful experience to find people like her that can truly inspire me and fill me up with energy to continue doing the work.” 

Jessica Joyti // Medicine Woman + Yoga Instructor

"Amanda is ananda. Her blissful voice brings one into a deep-seated place through her guided meditation. Her distance Reiki is a wonderful recalibration of the senses, releasing energetic debris and combing us into a smoother, more wholesome being thereafter. I highly recommend Ananda’s guided meditation and distance Reiki services.”


“As someone who had let life get in the way of working on my inner-self/peace, Ananda's guidance very much helped me 'return to home', if you will. There are some things that people can do that reading a book can't teach or describe accurately enough and this is indeed one of those cases. While everyone's journey is an individual experience, it certainly helps to have someone clear the path for you and maybe turn on a lantern or two for you along the way, which Ananda did quite well! 


Within minutes of the session, the outside world was gone and my path was cleared and well lit. I've tried other audio meditations where it seems like the guide spends more time rambling than guiding, so it was certainly comforting to get down to the heart of the matter without wasted words. Throughout the session there was not a single word wasted, nothing to be distracted by. The energy and information I received during the session was the exact boost I was needing to remember why I initially started looking inward. Very anxious for my next session as each time I feel you understand more about yourself each time you 'go in'. With Ananda's guidance I certainly felt like I understood much more than I previously had. That kind of guidance is priceless!"


"Ananda Leigh’s Reiki session was such a powerful experience. Going into a Reiki with hesitation of the effectiveness, I wasn’t expecting such an incredible feeling. About 15 minutes in, I felt a surge of energy through my body and what was a comfortable blackness I was seeing, turned to a bright gold light. The only way I can describe that moment was that someone plugged me in. It was a feeling I’ll never forget. Ananda’s demeanor and voice just puts you into such a comfortable and safe place, it’s hard not to feel relaxed. I highly recommend Ananda’s services, even long distance. I can’t wait to do it again! Thank you Ananda!"


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